Mr Lexx to capitalise on lack of ‘gyal songs’

November 14, 2019

Dancehall artiste Mr Lexx believes he has found the track that will heat up the music scene this Christmas.

In a recent interview with THE STAR, the '90s dancehall front-runner said he realises there is a void in dancehall as far as 'gyal songs' go and he has come to fill that gap.

"I have a new song called Back It Up, which I think is going to be the gyal song for Christmas. It was produced by ZJ Rush and it supposed to drop on Friday. It will be hot," he said. "Me realise say nuff a dem artiste yah nah make no songs fi di gyal dem wine and bruk out again, and me a capitalise pan da space deh."

The entertainer added that while he will be turning his attention on the females, he will be doing it in a classy manner.

He says he has no intentions of degrading women; in fact, he aspires towards the opposite. He wants women to feel so good about themselves that they will be bold enough to once again command attention in the dancehall space.

"My gyal song dem nuh tell di gyal dem fi go pan dem head or skin out dem p***y or anything like that. My gyal song dem tell di gyal dem fi feel nice about themselves, walk out and show dem shape and dem thing deh, dem cuteness," he said. "Enough 'skin-out' (songs) inna dancehall and di woman dem still nah enjoy demself. Me a go take a different approach, and me sure dem a go love it."

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