Eclectic Davis makes it easy as ‘1.2.3’

December 06, 2019
Eclectic Davis
Eclectic Davis

Dancehall singer Eclectic Davis is turning up the heat with his latest track, ' 1.2.3', released on November 29.

"The inspiration behind this beautiful track is a longing that I had for that special someone who would have held me down through the good times and bad. As a result of her loyalty for all these years, I'm ready to commit to her and her only," he said.

The track was produced by the singer's own Flawless Records label as well as Jemoi 'J Twiss' Monteith of Clear Sonix Music. The lyrics and acoustic chord progressions were originally composed by Davis in 2018, with the subsequent addition of J Twiss in 2019.

"The day I met J Swiss, he immediately loved what I had so far. That same day, I laid down the acoustic guitar, and he added his touch, bringing the beat alive. Everything came together nicely, and in the end, the result was simply perfect," Davis said.

A music video for the track is expected to drop in early 2020. Speaking on the expectations for the reggae and pop-infused dancehall track, the singer added, "I expect that this track will do well - maybe even at the Billboard Awards."

Eclectic Davis made his onstage debut in February at the event Stars R Us. A music enthusiast since his high school days, the singer has penned a few tracks such as Missing You, Breath of Life, and Clean Up Your Heart.

"I'm different from most artistes because my writings are deep, profound with messages, relatable, current, and most of all, universal," Davis said.

Being involved in all aspects of production, including lyrics, composition, and vocals, the singer aims to produce timeless music that will cement him as a mainstay in the industry.

He said, "My ultimate ambition in doing music is to leave future posterity and present a legacy of unique music that will become classics."

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