Flyght ready to gain new fans

December 06, 2019

Recording artiste Flyght (who formerly went by the name Bluugo) says he’s going through a process of finding the right formula for his career. The entertainer, who was crowned Magnum King of Dancehall in 2018, says he is ready to expand his brand and wants to start by gaining some new followers.

Introducing media personality Amelia “Milk’ Sewell as part of his revamped public relations team, the entertainer says while he has been making steady moves in the music business, he wants to do more and believes 2020 will be the year he does just that.

“Me think who know me, hear me, but me nuh think me did a gain no new followers/audience. Me song dem never a hit like dat till me find Bruk Weh and now dat me find it and people a run wid it, me waan capitalise pan dat as much as possible,” he said. “Right now me a work wid Milk and so far me like the direction of things. Me can run up pan any stage wid di Bruk Weh song now and the show shell. It play inna every party and the people dem know and love it, so dat fi show the work a put in.”

The entertainer has declared 2020 as the year he makes a name for himself in the industry. He says he is ending 2019 on a high and hopes to carry that momentum forward.

“This Christmas a di brightest Christmas fi me so far as an artiste. Me have a string a stuff a deal wid, so a whole heap a growth. The people working around me right now really a put a whole heap a effort into me thing. People kinda a see me and a hear me voice now,” he said. “Me have Unruly Fest a come, me also have Ghetto Splash and Iba Mahr Sound Di Alarm and me a go out deh go represent and make people know say Flyght is ready for the business.”

Speaking of his readiness for next year, the artiste says he is scheduled to release new tracks in short order, including Click and Cut Dem Off.

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