August 23, 2019
The Cross Roads Police Station.
The Cross Roads Police Station.
Romario Kevin Abrahams
Romario Kevin Abrahams

A man who is said to be a security guard disarmed a policeman at the Cross Roads Police Station in Kingston and ran off with his firearm yesterday.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) identified the man as Romario Kevin Abrahams. The cops said that Abrahams is "armed and believed to be dangerous."

Reports from the Cross Roads police are that about 1 p.m., Abrahams went to the station to give a statement and submit a medical report in a case of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. While being assisted, the man reportedly attacked and disarmed the police officer and quickly made his escape.

Another version of events reaching THE WEEKEND STAR from a source is that the 'gun thief' entered the station and asked to borrow the bathroom facilities.

Turn him back

"Him come and complain seh one of them (bathroom) nah work so one of the officers went to look at what the problem was. Apparently, when the police turn him back fi check out what was the problem, him attack him and tek weh him gun," the person said.

THE WEEKEND STAR learnt that the man attempted to shoot the policeman before escaping in a nearby gully.

"Before the man jump the wall, the man attempted to fire two after him. It's a good thing the clip did empty," the person said.

Some persons who were close by said that an officer from the station came to find out whether they saw anyone in the gully.

"Wi siddung yah suh and a police come and ask wi if we see a man jump inna the gully and wi seh no, a wah happen? And him a seh a man thief a gun and jump inna the gully and gone, but wi never see anybody jump inna the gully," one man said.

Another person commented: "Mi nuh sure how this could happen, enuh. Dem have camera, one pointing one way and the other pointing another way."

Abrahams has been listed as wanted by the St Andrew Central police.

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