Fedrick Dacres got an extra-large book for the holidays

December 06, 2019

Christmas has always been a preferred holiday for 25-year-old discus star Fedrick Dacres.

His mother, Claudette Morgan, who says her son loves curried mutton, believes this is mainly because they 'cook up a storm'. Dacres, however, recounts one Christmas in particular that was rather bittersweet.

"At Christmas, my mom always gave us books, so I remember one year, she gave me an extra-large book ( Emilio the Detective), so I say, 'I probably not going to read it', and she say, 'What?!' So she sat there with me and had me read it to her for the entire day," Dacres told THE WEEKEND STAR.

It wasn't until four days later that he actually completed reading the book.

"I was bitter, but it was in the moment. Afterwards, I didn't care," he said.

When reminded of the incident, Morgan laughed as she said it was just recently that Dacres had asked her if she remembered it.

"I believe in academics. I know that Christmas him never feel good at all because he was expecting a toy, or something like that, not a book. Him always saying to me, ' mommy, holiday mean time to play and go out'," she continued.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that as her children grew older, however, sitting with them while they read became a regular occurrence.

"Them start trick me and say them reading, but when I ask questions from the book, them if and but, so that's how I start sit with them while them read, even for maths, everything," she said.

A woman who wouldn't allow her children to venture much into the outside world, Morgan also described another Christmas when she finally gave them that freedom.

"Them father used to say me a warden 'cause me act like them a prisoners - me wouldn't let them out and make them go play. One Christmas, me say, ' oh God, them a get big, them must want to go somewhere', so me ask who want to go out," Morgan continued.

Dacres, who was about 15 years old at the time, was the first to volunteer.

"Him and my nephew say them a go out, so I give them money, and I say, 'Unuh can go where unuh want to go'. They chose Carib Theatre, when Banjay (as Dacres is affectionately called) go in the line now and reach where they must pay. When him hear the price, him say to my nephew, ' come make we go buy the DVD and buy popcorn and go home go watch the show'," Morgan recalled while laughing.

Dacres stated that in recent times, he mostly sees Christmas as a time of relaxation and will probably end up spending it at the beach.

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