Man begs girlfriend to take him back for Christmas - ... says she took all the furniture when she left

December 06, 2019

With Christmas quickly approaching, Leonard Davis is begging for the love of his life to return home.

According to him, his lady love moved out of their home earlier this year, after she found out that he had cheated on her several times. He now says he is a changed man and is willing to do anything to get her to return to his arms. He also wants her to come back with the furniture she took when she left.

"Me wah back me baby fi di Christmas. Me wah some Christmas loving. Me need har fi come back. She tell me seh she done and she jus pack up and gone weh, me not even know if she dead," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

To make matters worse, Davis said that she left with all the furniture and he is now forced to sleep on the cold, hard floor.


"She tek back everything. All a di ting dem was fi har inna the house. Right now, me mattress deh pon di grung. She gone wid di stove, di machine, di fridge, everything. But a nuh dem deh me a pree still, me jus want har fi come back. Pon a big man meds, me miss har," he admitted.

Davis is adamant that he has left his 'gyallis' ways behind and is ready to make a commitment to her. He believes he can be a 'one burner' man.

"Me did have a likkle linky down di road and she find out. But a neva nothing serious. She find out cause di girl did start call dung har phone and dem ting deh. A so she find out and a seh me tek har fi idiot. But yuh know di ting go ... sometimes man just get tired a di one woman ting. But me will seckle dung now."

He says he does not want to spend the Christmas alone as this time of year is a time for lovers.

"A who me a go dung a waterfront wid dis year go watch di fireworks dem? Me nuh have nobody now. Me lonely. Dem time yah cold. Me wah somebody fi warm up me sheet dem. Me just want har fi come back," he said.

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