‘Me feel when him take him last breath’ - Kitson Town resident recalls night of horror

December 12, 2019
Rayon Duncan is overcome with grief as he remembers his four friends who were murdered.
The bar in Dover where two persons were shot and killed on Tuesday. The bar located opposite a Cash Pot shop which also saw two individuals shot and killed, while playing a board game.
Patricia King
Sasha Smith (left) observes as her mother, Pauline Smith (centre), is consoled by a family friend, Antoinette Roper.

Romardo Lyons

STAR Writer


When two marauding gunmen shot nine people, killing four of them on Tuesday night, Joy*, who was at the bar in Dover, Kitson Town, St Catherine, thought she was going to die.

“We deh deh and we see two man run in and one have two gun and just start fire shot. Me did scared fi mi life because the man that died, me feel when him take him last breath because my head was on his belly … me face down pon him belly,” Joy said.

The victim she refers to is 46-year-old Dennis ‘Touchy P’ Price. A relative of Price told THE STAR that he walked away from where he was standing seconds before the shooting.

“When me come over yah suh, me hear ‘boom, boom’ and me think a clappers. When me look, me see some man a run dung a bike man and a shoot after him … me nuh know if him get weh. Den the man dem start shoot offa me,” the relative said.

Unknown to him at the time, Price had been shot. Joy was the closest to the dying man.

“Me feel when him a breathe hard and then him just stop. I felt his blood running on me,” she recalled.

Price’s relative said he only became aware of his demise when people began to gather. He then realised that Price was not moving.

“Mi nuh know a who dweet or weh dem dweet fah. Him just dead lef me suh,” he said while holding a handkerchief stained with blood in his hand. He said that it belonged to Price.

Sadness painted Dover yesterday as residents swarmed the street. Some were in disbelief and others cried in anguish following the murders of Price, Gladstone Grange, Marcus White and Patricia King.

King, the only female murdered, left two children behind. Her sister, Sasha, says they had just started developing a relationship.

“We never grow up together. She grow up with her father family. But whenever time we see har, she always seh ‘me love all a unu enuh’,” she recalled as her voice cracked and tears fell. “She always a seh we need fi have a family reunion because she wah know the rest of the family.”

Rayon Duncan has been living in Dover for 16 years. The incident has left him shattered.

“Me feel it to me heart … we traumatised. We nuh know weh it a come from. All now me nuh sleep. We scared a di road. We nuh know weh fi siddung now … we just affi a look out cause a bare big people dead … a no likkle idlers. A bare hardworking people dead,” he said as he dried his eyes. “Everybody devasted … a four good community people.”


* names changed to protect identity.

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