People shouldn’t rush to get married

May 15, 2019

Dear Pastor,

Pastor, you dealt with a topic recently as to whether a spouse should pay interest on a loan from his or her spouse.

I would not charge my spouse interest on any loan that he has got from me because he might take the loan to be used in the house.

I lent my husband $20,000 and I did not charge him interest because it was to be used on the house. So, it depends on what a man is borrowing the money to do.

Concerning the age at which a woman should get married, there are times when a person gets married at a young age and at first, everything seems to be OK, and then the marriage becomes sour, no love in the union.

So, it is better for one to pray to the Lord and let Him chose your partner. One should not be in a rush to get married.


Dear J.,

Unfortunately, not all spouses are honest and trustworthy. Some would borrow without any intention of repaying the loan. In fact, there are occasions when they are asked for the money and they insist that it is not a loan, but a gift.

Some women have lost their life savings because they had no agreement signed from their men that they would repay them the loans, and with interest.

Not all men are honest and trustworthy. Some are indeed liars and thieves.

Concerning the age of marriage, as far as I am concerned, no one should rush into marriage. They should date different persons, get to know them well, and take time to pray about the matter before making that final decision to whom they should marry.

Women in particular should be careful. Some are very eager to get married and, unfortunately, they marry men who are in debt, have many children, are unemployed, and are sometimes very mean.

Women should also try their best to get an education or skill and not rely on men to totally take care of them.

Some men love to marry educated women who are in good jobs because they can use these women to support them.

Every man or woman who is going to get married should attend premarital counselling and do their very best in finding out everything that they can about the one who says he or she is in love with them.


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