I am too dunce to do anything right

August 23, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I need your help and God's help as well. I am not very bright. I dropped out of school. I am 22 years old and I don't know anything about the world. Everyone turned their backs on me.

I am fat and ugly, so no one loves me. God helped me to get into a good college, but I couldn't manage the work, so I got upset and left.

My aunt cursed me and said I wasted $60,000 because I am dunce and 'fool, fool'. But she doesn't understand how frustrating it is for someone to be in a class and doesn't know what they are doing.

Well, she has not looked at me ever again. I even tried to take my own life once. I am sick because no one loves or cares for me.

I don't know wrong from right because my mother has not taught me anything.

My mom wants to put me out on the road now because of her boyfriend. He told me all kind of words and that I need a life. They all hate to see my fat ugly face.

I am really stupid and I can't do anything, because I am very dunce. Please, I am begging you to help me. I don't know my Bible very well.


Dear C.C.,

I have something to tell you and please listen. You might be overweight but you are not a fool, so stop saying that you are dunce and that you are a fool. Begin to be positive.

You might not have done very well as a child. You were probably a slow learner, but please understand that many people were slow learners but they have done very well, especially when they got into their late teens and in their 20s.

You can be what you want to be. I have seen people who had to take their exams many times before gaining the passes they needed.

I am thinking of a woman many years ago who took her exams many times, but she finally passed and entered college and graduated and she became the principal of a school.

Don't Give UP

As I am answering your letter, I am also looking at a programme on television and one of the men who is now trying to become a candidate in the 2020 presidential race in the US, said that he failed the bar and had to take the exam in another state; he eventually passed.

My dear, you can't give up. You probably need to go to a doctor and ask him to put you on a diet. And you should try your very best to stick with it.

You are blaming your mother for your failures, but even if your mother has made mistakes, you know that you need an education and you do not lack opportunity.

So, it is time to stop blaming others for your failures.

You got into a school and you got upset and walked away, and your aunt is very angry with you. Perhaps she helped you to pay for the courses.

If you don't show that you are willing to work hard, your relatives will always curse you, and I don't want them to continue doing that to you. So please, go back to school.

Spend plenty of time reading and not watching television or chatting on the phone, I beg you. Set some goals and work towards them. You can be what you want to be. Start now.


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