Something is wrong with my ‘third leg’

August 23, 2019

Dear Pastor,

This is the first time I am writing to you, but I enjoy reading your column. I am going to be 16 soon and haven't hit puberty properly because I have no sperm, except for a little clear sticky substance which come out the penis when I masturbate.

My penis is six inches long when it is erect and three and a half inches when flaccid. My testes are small with little hair growing on the scrotum, but plenty of hair is around the pubic area.

Pastor, please, give me your advice. I feel ashamed when the girls feel me up and say I got nothing in my pants. I am also afraid of losing my virginity, because I'm afraid I may not produce any sperm after intercourse.


Dear A.R,

Although I do not think that you need to worry about your development, I would have to admit that you should be producing sperm. Some boys start producing sperm when they are much younger than you; some even as young as 10 years old, but others much older.

So while I say that you shouldn't worry, it might not be a bad idea for you to talk to your father or mother about your situation. If you have a good rapport with your father, he should be the best person to talk to. However, some boys find it easier to talk to their mothers.

I would suggest that your parents take you to see a doctor so that everybody would get a better understanding of what is happening to you. Don't worry about the size of your penis.

A six-inch penis is large. You have some very out-of-order girlfriends. They have no right to be feeling you up.


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