Suspicious of boyfriend’s housemate

August 23, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I hope all is well. I am a little confused. My boyfriend has a girl living at his house and is saying that they are not having an affair.

At first, it was never a bother to me, but it's almost half a year now that we are dating now and she is still there.

He said it is because she doesn't have anywhere to go. I cursed him recently and he said he is tired of trying to get rid of her.

He is a good man otherwise. He takes care of me and my daughter. He loves my daughter like his own. He gives me money for her every week, but I don't believe him.

How can a girl be at his house and he doesn't touch her? At times I run him, but he still comes back to my house. Whenever I am not there, he cleans the house and washes my clothes.

One day, the girl called him and I wet him up with water and pushed him out. He told me that he will marry me, and he tells me that he loves me every day. Should I stay or should I go?


Dear G.B.,

You have declared that you don't believe what this man is telling you about the girl who is living at his house. He says he is not being intimate with her. Whether he is, I do not know.

The girl is not leaving his house. She says she does not have anywhere to go. This man and you have to fight out this problem on your own.

I know in your heart that you don't want him to leave you. You are only pretending that you want him to go, but what you really want is for him to throw out the woman.

Perhaps you would tell me how this matter has worked out between this woman and this man and you, but I wouldn't get involved.


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